In June 2007 I purchased a R44 Raven II and took my private license in BC  not knowing Marty at this time. 

I made this business decision to utilize the  helicopter mainly in remote mountainous areas to assist me with my time  schedule. I had flown fixed wing since 1982 and lost interest because of the lack of versatility of an airplane. When I completed the private helicopter license, I was unsure of myself and the machines capabilities working at altitudes, confined space, external loads, including water bucket and night operations. 

Marty took me under his wing about two years ago and has  assisted me with every skill mentioned and has brought my confidence level  to a comfortable level including low-weather and emergencies. I can call on  Marty ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, with any type of concern from weather conditions  to my ability or a mechanical issue and Marty will have the answer  immediately. If I had not met Marty, I know that I would not be flying with  the confidence, knowledge or skill level that I have now. My insurance  company has dropped my premiums significantly because of this training. I  would highly recommend any pilot, commercial or private regardless of your flight time, to spend time with Marty. 

Thanks Marty for your patience and kind consideration.

Terry Safron - Private Pilot - Business Owner    


Marty I want to tell you I am grateful to have your experience in my Robinson R-44 helicopter. You have taught me well, our friendship grows every time we fly and it seems like quite at lot lately.  You are genuinely concerned that I am doing things right.  You make time for me and I appreciate that you go out of your way to keep me current on emergencies.  Every flight with you in the instructor seat I learn a huge amount about flying safe which you have set as priority one with your instructorship.

I am closing in on my two year anniversary since completing my license and I am approaching my 1000th hour. I continue to hear your calm teaching voice in the back of my mind as I challenge myself to all types of terrain including mountains, day and night flying and of course varying weather conditions. “Easy to Fly, Hard to Fly well!” (well stated in your manual). More importantly, I feel calm and comfortable in all aspects of flying my Robinson R-44.  My wife and children share the same feeling. (I can assure you it is not the same for my driving).

I am learning from the best when you are instructing me.  I know, in my lifetime I will never exceed your flying experience.  I am now 56 years old, just grasping a small sample of what you know about flying helicopters makes me feel like Gretzky taught me to stick handle.

I sincerely want to thank you for the fun that I am having and I look forward to a long lasting friendship.


Greg Martineau - Private Helicopter Pilot